Personas and Users

After the both events took place, I attempted to create three personas based on my experience of the user journey and the people I met spoke along the way.

There is an ongoing discussion about the difference between persona and user profile. It used to be a common practice to give a “fake name” to a persona, give them their personal characteristic like hobbies, family status and type of work. So for example we had a single John, who was 45, working in a bank and playing football during the weekends. But how much can we identify with that fictional John?

Another way, the one that I followed here, is to create a persona profile that focuses on habits that might be relevant to the project. It can fit people from different backgrounds and it is based not on the age or profession, but on the motivation and needs that bring this particular type of users to the service. It is something like a collection of “psychological profiles” that users or clients can identify with.

personas-14  personas-15