Today I had an opportunity to meet Corinne Orton, Glasgow Film Festival producer who was kind enough to answer some of my questions about the ticketing system of the festival. Corinne gave me some interesting insights into the mechanisms of the festival and the main problems that they are struggling with. The biggest one seemed to be an old booking system and no money for a new one. She also admitted that they do not offer a return ticket service – visitors cannot return the tickets to the ticket office with the only exception of event cancellation or program change.

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Brief redefined


As a case study to analyse I chose the recently finished Glasgow Film Festival. It is a highly popular local film festival with ticketed film screening and special events. Tickets are available only in accredited ticket offices and on the festival website.

In this way, I will try to understand the ticketing mechanism in the dynamic festival context where tickets are not available on any other last-minute website.

I chose to have a closer look at two particular events that I also personally attended or planned to attend which enabled me to experience the service myself and directly talk to the other service users.

In this way I arrived at the two extreme scenarios: one last-minute attended concert, and the other highly popular, sold out much in advance experimental film screening.