Service Blueprint

Blueprint is one of the basic tools in service design practice. It specifies each element of the service across different levels – including those visible for the user and, most importantly, those actions “behind the scenes” that influence the visible outcomes, like in a cause-effect relationship.

‘This is Service Design Thinking’ recommends collaborative creation of blueprints with the company that a designer is working for which could be a great, engaging and actually fun way to discover and deconstruct together the crucial areas for a company. Unfortunately, this maybe is not so much the case in a student project. However, since I had a great opportunity to speak with the Festival Producer, Corinne, I showed her the blueprints that I had made based on the user journeys and the research that I did. That was a great way to engage and although Corinne actually did not suggest many changes, it helped both of us to support the conversation visually and was a small taster of how such “blueprint co-creation” may take place.

Below you can find three blueprints for each user journey with their comparison and critique at the bottom.

Blueprint v2-01

Blueprint v2-02

Blueprint v2-03

Blueprint comparison:

Blueprint v2-04-04-04