New Blog: Designer in Space

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Here is my new project: Designer in Space

A blog about service design and its different shades across industries and countries.

How is it to be a designer in a Space Industry? In a bank? In a government?

How can I find work as a service designer in the UK, Spain, Italy?

Inspired by my personal experiences as well as the careers of my great fellow designers, I hope this project will answer many questions that you might have when choosing or pursuing a design career.

See you in !

Service Blueprint: Buyer


Similarily as in the seller’s case, I focused more on the online bookings in the buyer’s blueprint. Exchanging the printed ticket is more difficult without the online ticketing system and there is a high risk of ticket duplication. That is why the printed tickets have to be physically exchanged by users.


Ticket ReTurn: Ticketing System

Research showed that the whole ticketing system of the GFF festival needs modernisation. Introducing electronic tickets is an investment that can solve many of the problems mentioned in the critique. However, taken festival’s limited resources, the process of digitalisation is not predicted in the nearest future.

Since in my project I’m focusing only on ticket returns, I need to operate within the existing system infrastructure.